Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience

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OK, I am a Zep fan, I always have been… there, I said it out loud (or at least typed it out loud).


When Jason Bonham started the Led Zeppelin Experience (JBLZE) I knew I would have to see it. First of all, it’s John’s son, and he is so good that I am sure his dad would have passed the torch to him. Second, he is arguably the current Zep drummer, right? I mean when the band reunited for a number of shows a few years back he was part of the band. And third, he’s our age, or at least mine. Zep was not just “his dad’s band”, it was his band, just like it was my band and the band everyone of us grew up listening to. Yeah, he had a connection to the band, but make no mistake this was his music just like it was for many kids his age.


Thursday night Jason and the band hit San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino for a night of Zep, and some family stories. This was my 3rd time seeing the show, and 3rd time photographing it, and I am here to say it is one of my fave shows… of all time. The set list was so long Thursday, that they took a 15 minute intermission!


I. Was. In. Heaven.


They played all the songs you’d want them to play, and James Dylan… the lead singer (pictured in the two shots above), is nothing short of amazing. This man can sing. Oh, and he is an amazing artist as well, as in pencil drawings of … wait for it…. Zeppelin!


Along with Jason and James, the band is Tony Catania on guitar (pictured above) – trust me, you need to see this guy play.


On Bass, and pictured above, is Dorian Heartsong. On keyboards, and pictured below with James and Dorian, is Alex Howland. This is a group of amazing musicians.


One of the highlights of this show is when Jason plays drums on Moby Dick – with his dad! Freaking awesome!


I want to say thanks to the entire JBLZE crew for being so nice, to Jason for a great show, to James for being so generous with your time, and to the tour manager Mark for allowing me the extra access. Also, I need to thank San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino for supporting rock.

There is a gallery of more photos below, and please let me know in the comments if you went to the show, and what you thought of it. Also, be sure to share this post with your friends that were there!


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