Self Help Festival at the NOS

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For the third year in a row, Self Help Festival hit San Bernardino’s Nation Orange Show this past weekend. As with the past years, this was a full day of great hardcore music. Put on by Florida’s A Day To Remember, the fact that this show happens in the IE is pretty cool. If you are into the hardcore stuff hen be sure to watch their site for updates on next years festival.


I have photographed Self Help every year so far, and I love it for a few reasons. First of all, A Day To Remember, whose vocalist Jeremy McKinnon is pictured below. My first time photographing them was Self Help 2 years ago, I was hooked. Two of my fave shots of all time came from that show, a confetti shot and a fire shot. Unfortunately, this year they didn’t allow us in the photo pit for the first song – when the fire and confetti fired – due to safety concerns. I really wish I could have been in there for that, but hey… safety first.


The second reason I like photographing Self Help Fest is the up and coming bands. Many of these bands have huge followings, but are on the edge of mainstream success. Some, like One OK Rock, are big in their own countries, but haven’t reach the same level here in the states – yet. One OK Rock – pictured below – is huge in their native Japan, and after Self Help I can why. I didn’t want their set to end. They were so fun to photograph!


Don’t start thinking he only looks that high in the air because of the angle. This guy can jump. One of the other bands I was really looking forward to was Underoath – pictured below. Man, these guys were so high energy I felt tired when they were done.


One other highlight for me was Yelawolf – pictured below. If you follow my photos here, then you may have seen the post I did from when Yelawolf was the Riverside Municipal Auditorium last summer, with Travis Barker on drums. Well, once again he may be one of my fave artist to photograph.


One of the unique parts of Self Help Fest is the 2 stage setup, with an indoor stage called the Black Stage, and an outdoor stage called the Red Stage. The Headliners, and better known bands are on that main outdoor stage, but trust me… the crowd still knew every song from the indoor acts. One of my favorites this year was Australia’s Tonight Alive – pictured below. Vocalist Jenna McDougall sounds great live


As with past years, my only complain is the indoor lighting. It’s so dark that you trip over people sitting on the floor. Take a look at the image below, taken at the edge between the backstage area and front of house, and you will get the idea. That light on the back wall is from the open backstage door.


Below is a gallery of shots, and if you were there, toss your thoughts on the show in the comments below.


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