Collective Soul at the RMA

By Razz on


Last Saturday, at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, Collective Soul put on a clinic. I was already a fan of Collective Soul, but watching these guys have so much fun on stage was amazing. The night started with the KCAL Rocks! Pre-show party. Some KCAL Rockers, and a bar, is always fun, but when the band showed up it was great. These guys really impressed me. Usually bands run in – and then run out even faster. Not Collective Soul. They were so generous with their time, and they took as many photos with our winners as we wanted.


Opening up for the show was Magnets & Ghosts, a duo founded in part by Collective Soul’s Rhythm Guitarist Dean Roland (pictured below). They set a great tone for the night right from the start, and by the time Collective Soul hit the stage…. everyone know it was going to be a great night.


The set list for Collective Soul had it all, and I noticed something special…. there were more people singing every word than at most shows I photograph. I want to see this band again as soon as I can, and if you missed it…. you missed something great.


One other thing, vocalist Ed Roland is amazing live. I photograph a lot of acts, and when you see someone like this it just feels like they love what they do.

There is a gallery of my shots below, as well as a gallery from a second photographer we had there – Arpi Photo.

Thanks to the band, and the listeners that came to the show, and please leave your thoughts on the show in the comments below below.

Photos from Razz (Steve Brazill)

Photos from Arpi Photo.


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