Knotfest – A Weekend of Metal

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Day 1 – Saturday, October 24th

Kontfest hit the Inland Empire again last weekend, at San Manuel Amphitheater, for 2 days and 3 nights of metal. Friday was the VIP Pre-Party, with headliner Sepultura. I didn’t make that night, but I was there to capture some photos for you on Saturday and Sunday.


There were two main headliners  i cared about on Saturday, with Judas Priest – pictured above – being the bucket list one. They were fantastic! The sound was great, and the lighting was a photographers dream.


I have been lucky enough now to photograph Korn 3 times, and hand down, they are my fave band to photograph. The photo pit Saturday though was something else. I am guessing there close to 100 photographers in there, and at one point the crushing felt a bit dangerous It was so crowded that it was almost impossible to move, so getting some shots was tough – or impossible. Still. It’s Korn, and they are a perfect live performance band. I will photograph them anytime they’ll let me.


One of the highlights on the secondary stages Saturday was Battlecross, whose lead singer Gumby is pictured above. Mike Z also interviewed these guys. It’s always great when you meet a band like this and they end up being really nice guys, along with great performers. The were a ton of great bands over the weekend, and a few other highlights on the secondary stage were Earth Crisis, Body Count, and GWAR.

Photos of these bands and more are in the gallery below.

Day 2 – Sunday, October 24th


It’s not Knotfest, without Slipknot. This was my second time photographing these guys, and it started out rough. My main camera gave an error after 3 shots…. I actually died a little inside. The first song was beautiful light for photos, and My. Camera. Was. Being . A ….


Ok, so after removing, and attaching, the lens I was able to shoot about 2 shots before it erred again. Finally, after about 10 times of doing that, and blowing off the contacts, it worked. I missed a lot of that first song, and the second song was nothing but red lights (check off another piece dying inside). Luckily, song 3 was good light again. Also on the main stage Sunday I was able to photograph Bring Me The Horizon, and Clutch.

Photos from all the bands are in the gallery below.

On the secondary stages, there was one band that was another Bucket List item I had to see. That was Suicidal Tendencies, pictured below, and man was that great! The end of the set was basically the crowd coming on stage with the band. Insane.


If there was a downside to Knotfest, it’s the same thing with every festival at the Amphitheater – dust. I am still coughing up dirt.

There are a lot more photos in the gallery below, and if you were there, let us know how you liked Knotfest 2015 in the comments below.


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