Buckcherry at Riverside Municipal Auditorium

By Razz on


Buckcherry hit the Riverside Municipal Auditorium Friday night, with guests Trust Divided, and Sons of Texas. I usually catch all the acts at any show I go to, but I am sorry to say I missed Trust Divided, due to a previous engagement. When I did get there, I assumed I was in time to catch just Buckcherry, but I was lucky enough to catch Sons of Texas too, and I am glad I did. They were a perfect open to Buckcherry. I really wish I had caught Trust Divided, I heard great things after the show.


Someone that didn’t know Buckcherry asked me about the band, and the show, with “What kind of band are they?”. Simple answer – ROCK. I had the privilege of photographing them a few years back at Rock Vegas, and have always wanted another chance toto shoot the show. Originally from Anaheim, and formed in the mid-90’s, Buckcherry is pure rock. Not some obscure sub-genre, just the type of rock I (we) grew up with. They played a great set including “Lit Up”, “Crazy Bitch”, “Bring it on Back” and more.


Vocalist Josh Todd is fantastic live – seriously, a great performer. Don’t misunderstand me, the entire band is fantastic too. Guitarist Stevie D was especially fun to shoot, and in fact one of the shots in the gallery below may be one of faves this year. At one point, while throwing picks to the crowd, he caught my eye. I suggested (through some odd sign language I made up on the spot) that he throw it to me, and I’d bat it into the crowd. Surprisingly it actually worked too. Good team Stevie and I.


As usual, the RMA did a spectacular job, although the crowd was thin. Too bad, because this was a good show. I seriously hope to photograph, and catch a show of Buckcherry again soon. Below are a few images from Friday, and as always, let me know if you went, and if you enjoyed it, below.


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