Paul Stanley’s ‘Soul Station’ at The Roxy

By Razz on


This past Friday something VERY unusual happened. You may have heard the recent interview Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo with KISS’ Paul Stanley regarding his new side project, Paul Stanley’s “Soul Station“. Jimbo & I went down to the Roxy to catch the show, and despite the shoulder to shoulder crowd, we had a blast. This is a great band paying tribute to some of the great classic soul of our lives, like The Temptations, or Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Paul doesn’t play guitar, and there are no KISS tunes, this is pure soul. The show at the Roxy was the first but, if things go well, you may see this show doing a tour.


The band is big, a 10 piece gathering of some of the finest studio musician around – including Eric Singer of KISS on drums. The rest of the lineup includes: Rafael “Hoffa” Moreira (guitar & backing vocals), Sean Hurley (bass), Alex Alessandroni (keyboards), Ely Rise (keyboards), Ramon Yslas (percussion), Nelson Beato (backing vocals), Crystal Starr (backing vocals) and Ayana Layli (backing vocals). Look a few of these people up and you will quickly get the idea that Paul knows of every great musician alive. Along with the band, the openers were two comedians. Craig Gass opened the show with a funny set about impersonating Gene Simmons, and then George Lopez introduced the band.


All in all it was a fun time, and the song selection was amazing. I will say that when one of the backup singers did the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”, it was a highlight of the night. That girl can sing! In the group photo below, she’s the singer in the middle.

As always, if you went, drop a comment on your thoughts below!


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