Motorhead with Saxon & Crobot

By Razz on

Motorhead was in Riverside last week. I almost feel like I need to say that again, but louder.

Motorhead was in Riverside! Yes, Lemmy was in Riverside!


If you are a fan of Motorhead, or Saxon, or Crobot, then the odds are that you loved this show. Sound was good, and Crobot and Saxon are action packed. Motorhead doesn’t move like they do, but hey, it’s freakin Motorhead!


I grew up in the IE, and I remember the days when we would get well know acts in great small venues. I even remember the Swing Auditorium! In fact, my first concert ever was Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws at the Swing. So the fact that we are getting the type of acts we are these days in the IE is nothing new, but in Riverside? That used to be a rare thing at the old Riverside Convention Center.


Not anymore. The Fox Performing Arts Center, and The Riverside Municipal Auditorium, are someĀ of the hot concert locations now, and the crowd last Wednesday seemed to love the show. I saw a number of our KCAL winners there – and The Bob Show was there too!


Below is a gallery of images from the show, and of course, as always, if you were there let us know in the comments below what you thought of the show.


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