On Stage…Razz is hosting a new TV show on Riverside’s GTV

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Last summer, the City of Riverside’s government TV channel asked me to host a local music interview show. On Stage, the idea of the City’s TV guru Scott Brosious, is the result. Filmed “On Stage” at the wonderful Fox Performing Arts Center in downtown Riverside, the show is a series of interviews with various local musicians or performers.


For the first 10 or so episodes, we focused on some of the Spotlight Performers at the highly successful Open Mic Night, held every Monday at 6:00 pm at The Fox. If you are into the local music scene, and haven’t been out to the Open Mike Night, be sure to check it out. Patrick Maloney, of Live Nation, has done a great job building it up to be one of the premier local music spots. Who knows, maybe someday we can get this expanded to interviewing some of the great national acts that come through the IE.


The first two episodes are now live, and they can be found at the City of Riverside YouTube channel, or on the City’s media page at WatchRiverside.com, where you can also find the scheduled air times for the city’s GTV station. If you have Charter, GTV is on channel 3, on AT&T UVerse it’s on channel 99, and FiOS customers can find it on channel 21.


Below are the first two episodes, and please feel free to share them with any friends that are into local music:

Episode 2: The Canaries

Join me as I talk with brothers Bill and Jeff Odien, also know as the Canaries, about their form of thrash ukulele.

Episode 1: Patrick Maloney

Join me as I talk all things Open Mic Night at the Fox theater with its creator, Patrick Maloney.


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