Congratulations to all of the KCAL rockers that scored tickets to Rock & Roll Bingo this year! It'll be happening at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino on Thursday night, October 3rd. Here's what you need to know:

1 You and your guest need to be members of San Manuel's Club Serrano before the day of the event. If you aren't a member yet, sign up by following the link to the right.

2. Check in starts at 4pm

3. TNT will hit the stage at 6:30pm to get you all warmed up for Bingo.

4. At 7:30pm, we shut the doors and Rock & Roll Bingo begins and the cash starts flying!

5. We've got an after party for those that want to keep the party going when the Bingo is done. Just hit The Pines on your way out of Bingo.

6. You Rock!


Live Music From TNT

Don't miss AC/DC Tribute TNT! They will be playing the Back In Black album in it's entirety, which was voted by you, our loyal KCAL Listeners, as your all-time favorite album in KCAL Rock Madness earlier this year.

Birthday bonus

We celebrated our 45th birthday this year at KCAL by kicking down a great Birthday Bonus for you. 45 callers won $100 cash in addition to their tickets! That's an extra $4,500 we gave away before you even get there!

Join Club Serrano

Make sure you and your guest are both members of San Manuel's Club Serano on or before October 2nd!



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