Like a bolt from the blue, 96-7 KCAL Rocks is once again proud to bring you the entire 2012 season of San Diego Chargers Football!  Listen on game day for all the NFL action including pre-game and post-game coverage.  Click HERE for the complete 2012 schedule.

As usual we'll be stopping by practices at Chargers Park throughout the season and get the inside scoop from coaches and players.  But for now we'll show some of our favorite stuff from last season with our good friend Eric Weddle, the starting Safety for the San Diego Chargers and an Alta Loma native:  

Jimbo, who seems to be leaning more and more towards the Chargers over that Minnesota team, wants to remind you to BOLT UP!

Jimbo has somehow forced his way into the tailgate party every week at Weddle Way

Looks like Jimbo also invited a few of his own family members to join

 You want to make sure your using proper form while Cornholing

 ...and yes that is an Eric Weddle Cornhole Board!

Eric Weddle's actual cousin Lonnie (on the left) is one hell of a host

Eric Weddle himself even likes to party at Weddle Way!

What does jimbo do when he heads out to San Diego to tailgate? Find out here...