The third and - we hate to say it - last KCAL Kegger of the summer happens Friday, August 26th from 4 to 8pm in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands.  If you miss it, you're going to be stuck waiting nine months to satisfy your Kegger Jones.  Get here and savor the flavor of:

  • $2.50 Shock Top Belgian Wheat Ales
  • Probably the best band to ever rock a KCAL Kegger - Metallica tribute band Damage, Inc.  (And given how awesome T.N.T. and Fan Halen were this year, that's really saying a lot.)
  • $1 Papa Johns pizza slices
  • A party packed with KCAL rockers, many of them female and wearing very little clothing in the warm summertime evening.
  • Oh, and one last detail you might be more than a little interested in.  It'll be the finale of Boob Camp 2011 when one Boob Camper will score a new rack from 96-7 KCAL Rocks.  You know full well who we've picked to do the honors.  It's The Man: Dr. Troy Andreasen, the Inland Empire's Premier Breast and Body Surgeon, of Inland Breast & Body.

By the way, if you're wondering where all of your hard earned beer money is going, you're helping to cure cancer with Team In Training.  Join the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program to complete an endurance sports event and join in the fight against cancer! Teams are forming now! Please visit their website to get started today!

And now...the highlights of Kegger #2 with our special guests, Fan Halen. 

The KCAL Crew always looks forward to greeting the KCAL Nation at our Keggers, but ladies - you blew it!  The final Kegger of the summer is your last chance to get a LAP DANCE FROM JIMBO!!!

We'll let you decide which feminine greeting you prefer.  Kelli Cluque will greet you with a smile.

Tiffany will greet you with a beer.  (Of course, if you think she's giving you her beer, you don't know Tiff very well.)

We greeted Tiffany by roasting her.  Stoner Rob looks pretty aggro in this picture.  Maybe it's because he's staring at Tiff's ginormous pair of feet while he's roasting her.

Everybody had a blast at the roast, though we're trying to figure out why Stu looks like he's about to hurl in this picture.

Since it was the second Kegger of the summer, we had lots of pairs.  Look - it's the twins!  Hi, Erica!  Oh, and Chad & Cory - The Smash Brothers - are in this picture too.

Not that we sense a theme here, but she has a lovely pair of Bud Light Limes.

There's just one of Jimbo, but he has sweet beard enough for two.  Or 22.


Very impressive - more two-fisted Keggering.  

Speaking of pairs, here's a pair of guys with sweet beards desperately trying to lay their mack down.

She's keeping her pair all to herself.

Speaking of keeping to themselves, it's the ultimate love story: Kielbasa Leg and his drinking leg.

Here's an interesting pair.  Usually, KCAL Rockers want to take their pictures with us.  You can tell that Stu must have begged to take his picture with this poor, lovely woman just by the look on her face.

If you're David Lee Roth - even tribute David Lee Roth - you're going to have a pair of women on your arms at all times.

Here's another enchanting pair: the lovely, if loudmouthed, Syeda Jafri and her bodyguard our former employee, Grenade, who moved to Vegas right after the Kegger.  Seriously.  We have no idea what Syeda said to him.

Let's up the ante and triple your viewing pleasure...and multiply by about 100 the amount of ink on your monitor.

 We can think of at least one reason why we heart Discount Hydroponics.

Luckily, everybody from DH hearts each other too.

Most of all, we heart every member of KCAL Nation, so we'll leave you with one last, late night photo from the stage.  We'll see you on August 26th!


Photos taken by K1 Entertainment and Kristopher Roberts.