We say it every year at this time, and can you believe it? It's almost the most wonderful time of the year!

It's almost KCAL Kegger season!!!!!

The first KCAL Kegger of the summer happens Friday, May 18th from 4 to 8pm in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands.  You wouldn't dare miss it, would you?  After all, all the cool kids will be there enjoying:

  • Fresh brew:  $2.50 Shock Top Belgian White Ales (Live life unfiltered, y'all!)
  • Killer grub:    $1 Papa Johns pizza slices
  • With Van Halen coming back home to SoCal in early June, we're bringing back one of last year's killer new Kegger bands, Fan Halen.
  • 2,000 or so of the cool kids who love 96-7 KCAL Rocks as much as you do, including lots of our favorite female friends in bikinis and whatnot.

As always, you're drinking to help crush blood cancer, since proceeds benefit  the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to stomp out cancer.  Need a little Kegger warmup?  Here's some of our favorite highlights from Keggers past.

Not that working at 96-7 KCAL Rocks is a 24/7 party, but this is just another day at the office...not!

Enjoy meeting all the animals from the KCAL family, including the Wild Jimbo.

Get money with KCAL's original gangsta, 4orty!

Quake with fear at the incredibly terrifying Syeda. 

Share an adult beverage with the incredibly friendly - and never inebriated - Daryl & Kelli.

And we say never inebriated, we sorta mean it.

Enjoy the vivacious eye candy our friends at Discount Hydroponics always bring along for the ride.

Get your geek on with Creepy & Creepier (or Interns Creepy and Doodlebop, if you prefer) without their lightsabers.

Enjoy the beauties of Boob Camp like 2011 champion, Chili Pepper.

Trip on the stoner former stoner who's caught in a time warp, man.

Uh oh...you've had too much second-hand Stu.

See beautiful women petting dogs.

Marvel at the dazzling drinking leg of Kielbasa Leg.

See beautiful women eating ice cream.

Quake with fear as you see Jimbo's gun show.

See beautiful women eating wieners.

See some of Boob Camp's finest in their intoxicated natural state.


See Jimbo looking all arty and stuff.


See Frankie DiVita looking more adorable than you.

See Rob Kiszko looking cooler than you.

See...uh...we're not sure what we're seeing, actually.

Okay, let's join 4orty and take a minute to contemplate the KCAL Kegger Zone from our roof.

And now, until Friday, May 18th, remember - Uncle Jimbo wants you!

We'll see you Friday, May 18th!

Photos by



Ramon Ward