Inland Eye LASIK

Winning is easy

  1. Tune in to 96-7 KCAL Rocks from 9 AM till 5 PM weekdays with Kelli and Daryl

  2. Listen for your time to call! Be caller 25 and you're qualified for the kick-ass grand prize trip to Cabo!

  3. Keep your fingers crossed and tune around 5 PM on Friday, May 10th when we draw the grand prize winner.


Official Contest Rules

Win A Trip To Cabo!

It's another KCAL Workforce Getaway! We're teaming up with Dr. Chris Blanton and our buds at Inland Eye Lasik, call them at 1-800-5-70-LASER, to give one KCAL Rocker the chance to get outta town for a few days. This time, we were thinking of sending you somewhere warmer...


Hell yeah! The third KCAL Workforce Getaway, sponsored by our buds at Inland Eye Lasik (1-800-5-70-LASER), is an incredible four-day/three-night stay in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, one of the world's best vacation destinations. And, hey, even if you don't win the grand prize, you're gonna walk away with a pair of Ontario Improv tickets for a night of good fun. 

Your trip will include:

  1. A four-day/three-night hotel stay at an awesome tourist resort *

  2. Roundtrip air fare for you and your guest from LAX to Cabo San Lucas

  3. $296.70 in spending cash beer money!

  4. A pair of Ontario Improv tickets just for qualifying!


 * Valid September to March (excluding holiday periods). Advance booking required.