At Kegger #42 we set off to find our Ambassador of Hotness and we did just that!

Let's take a moment to get to meet each of the girls. Amber looked right at home while holding our coc errr, rooster on stage!

April got in on the rooster action, too!

Brandy seems like she's trying to find a hiding place for our rooster

Jessica is a huge Harry Potter fan. Hopefully she's learned how to work a wand.

Kelsie reminds us of the hot chick next door that we never had a chance with.

A rooster and a shake weight? Not a problem for Mariah!

Regina also reminds us of a hot chick we never had shot at.

Sheree showed a real talent for blowing that vuvuzela. 

At last, but certainainly not least, was Taylor!

We wish we had a group of ladies like this follow us around everyday.

The competition was so fierce, some of the contestants sought comfort in each others arms.

While others took shelter in...well, others.

The decision would come down to our "professional" judges. Okay, all we could dig up was The Smash Brothers (Cory & Chad or Chad & Cory, we can't tell them apart), Comedienne Lahna Turner, and Dr. Frank Finazzo

It was pretty easy to guess how the Smash Brothers chose their favorite contestant.

Lahna Turner has clearly never choked the chicken before.

When it was all said and done we had the first ever Miss KCAL Rockmate...Taylor!!

Thanks again to all of our lovely contestants for giving everyone at the Kegger some great eye candy!

and now everyone welcome Miss KCAL Rockmate 2012 Taylor into the KCAL family!


Photos by Arpiphoto