2,500 KCAL Rockers are now the proud Guinness World Records Record holders for Largest Air Guitar Ensemble!

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And now...more pictures of that festive evening, starting with a little warmup from the stage.  Shock: Syeda's talking!

Oh look - Stoner Rob is baking.

Jimbo's wrist looks like the Vikings offense defense whole team...limp.

Then, a moment to put our feet up and relax in the presence of former Raiders legend Tim Brown and former Browns washout Tim Couch.  By the way, a Montreal Expos hat in the back?  Seriously???

Unlike Tim Couch, this guy came to win.  (He did too...he set a world record.)

They're having fun!

Aww...more young lovers.  We're guessing the dude behind them - the one in the Polamalu jersey - had more fun at World Record Rock & Roll Bingo than he did last Super Bowl Sunday.

On the other hand, we're guessing this guy might have enjoyed last Super Bowl Sunday as much as he enjoyed Bingo.

Okay, we've obviously moved on to World Record time.  And...go!!!

Setting the record, by the way, turned out to be ridiculously fun.

Dude - yeah, you with the green hair.  You need to get into it.

Much better.

And now...a view from the rear.

And finally, a moment to celebrate with our friends from San Manuel, Mr. Crowley, the lady from Guinness, and Air Guitar Hall of Famer Björn Türoque before we got down to the serious business of blowing out money.


Y'see, while we all set a world record, ten KCAL Rockers had a little extra reason to celebrate, especially Patty who scored $10,000.