In my never ending quest to prove that getting drunk can be good for you, I decided to steal borrow the pedometer from Stu, Tiffany, & Jimbo and conduct a little experiment at the Kegger last Friday.  Usually they use this thing to find out who can pump their fist the most times in a minute, or some other stupid stunt like that.  (4orty won that one, by the way.  He clicked off something like 90 strokes in 30 seconds.  Apparently he’s been practicing).  It’s actually designed to count your steps, and as the Promotions Director here, I take A LOT of ‘em on Kegger day.  I decided to find out just how many…

The day started at 7AM when I strapped that sucker to my shoe.  From there it was trips to the roof, up and down stairs, and all over the parking lot while we setup.  Then the fun began at 4PM, and I spent the entire Kegger trying to keep Stu from drinking all the beer and Doodlebop and Creepy from boring everybody with conversations about Star Wars and Pokemon.

The party was awesome as always, but somebody had to clean up the aftermath before the boss came back on Monday.  We don’t need him wondering why it looks like a Budweiser tornado hit our parking lot.  As you can imagine, killing 35 kegs of beer with 2,000 of your closest friends results in a lot of empty beer cups, and the last empties made it into the dumpster around 10PM.

And that leads us to the calculator.  As you can see from the picture, the pedometer counted 21,714 steps from 7AM to 10PM.  According to the military, a step is 30″, or 2.5 feet.  So…. in 15 hours I managed to walk 9.9 miles.  Indisputable evidence that KCAL Keggers are good exercise, and therefore good for you!  Regretfully, I don’t think it’s enough to counteract the damage to my liver, but I’m going to count this one as a WIN anyway.



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