So you feel the need to plaster your mug all over Facebook, do ya?  Well here’s a few interesting facts Facebook has collected about photos you may enjoy.  Chicks are WAY into themselves, old people suck at tag, and New Year’s Eve ROCKED!  Here’s the specifics:

- 6 BILLION photos are uploaded to Facebook each month, and the total will pass 100 BILLION by this summer

What do I make of this? – most of these are mirror chicks and emo kids.

- 750 MILLION photos were posted on New Year’s Weekend
What do I make of this?drunk people like to take pics, and drunker people like to be in pics.

- 33% of all uploads occur on the weekend
What do I make of this? – work sucks, and we don’t need to see pics of it.

- Women are responsible for TWICE as many uploads, looks, and tags
What do I make of this? – Women are vain, egotistical, nosy creatures.

- Guys prefer photos of girls and girls prefer photos of girls
What do I make of this? – DUH.

- Older users upload just as much, but tag photos half as often
What do I make of this? – Old people suck at tag.  They run slow and might break a hip if they fall.

- The average user has 97,000 viewable photos in their network of friends
What do I make of this? – You will probably care about 10 of them, and you’ll be in 8 of those.

Our Conclusion – when an alien race far superior to ours finally decides to wipe us off the face of the planet, they will be sure to preserve the Facebook photo archives first.  It will be much easier to laugh at OUR stupid asses than it would be to write their own Sunday comic strips.



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