In a sure sign that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are waiting at a stoplight just up the street, the Associated Press is reporting that the cast of ‘Glee’ has just surpassed Elvis for the most ‘Hot 100′ singles on the Billboard charts.  Why don’t we dig up John Lennon and spit on him while we’re at it?

Since the show debuted on FOX 18 months ago (and I still haven’t seen one episode – yay, me!), they have managed to land 118 songs* in the Top 100.  That’s more than The Beatles.  More than MJ.  And now, more than Elvis.  Five more, to be exact.

Apparently, you don’t have to WRITE music anymore to be recognized as an ‘artist’.

And to make this announcement even worse, it comes just moments after Lady Gaga‘s new Madonna ripoff became the 1,000th #1 Song* in Billboard’s 52 year history.

Shoot me.  Just shoot me now.

*Editor’s Note:  The use of the term ‘song’ when referring to a ‘Glee’ or ‘Lady Gaga’ performance may not be entirely correct. “Xerox, archetype, carbon copy, cast, cover, clone, counterfeit, ditto*, facsimile, forgery, hard copy, impersonation, impression, likeness, mirror, model, parallel, photocopy, reflection, replica, replication, representation, reproduction, simulation, or RIP OFF” are likely more accurate.



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