You probably know 4orty from his antics in the morning with Stu, Tiffany, & Jimbo, and you may have seen Zakk Sabbath out and about at a KCAL event, but now we’re giving you a sneak peek at the play pen they call the KCAL Promotions Office.

The picture above is the space where my desk (Zakk) and 4orty’s desk meet near the middle of the office (*cough cough* CLOSET) we share in the 96-7 KCAL Rocks Promotions Department.  As you can see, we’ve managed to collect some pretty interesting desktop decorations.  Maybe a wide-angle shot will help set the scene:

Okay, so maybe the picture doesn’t quite do it justice, so here’s a list of just A FEW of the things you might come across if you were sitting here yourself:

A Darth Vader Candy Dish, Carson Palmer Bobblehead, Snake Eyes figure from GI Joe, a KCAL shot glass (complete with Beer Pong Ball), a NERF Football/Missile, a RAMPAGE Transformer, a wind-up Harley motorcycle, two Penguins of Madagascar, a box of matches (UH OH!), a Zen Rock Garden guarded by a Paperclip Monster, the remote to the flat screen we use to play XBOX when we’re supposed to be working, a sparkling dog poop candle, a Beanie Baby Penguin, a lonely stick of RAM computer memory, an official “I *HEART* BOOBIES” bracelet, a pose-able wooden figure that is “prancing” thanks to Creepy, a pair of Chinese Meditation Balls, a scientific beaker filled with gumballs, Storm Trooper & Chewbacca AT-ATs locked in an eternal battle for the desk, Megatron posed like Michael Jackson (again, thanks to Creepy), Frankenstein Bart Simpson, a foam rubber boxing glove, RAMPAGE & SIDEWAYS Transformers in the package (they’re worth more that way, DAMMIT!), an obnoxious screeching sling shot monkey, 4orty’s light up Philadelphia Eagles pen (right at home in a Jack Daniel’s cup), and my personal favorite, the PAPERCLIP X-WING!  (hit the link – it’s now WORLD FAMOUS!)

If you look closely, you may also notice that 4orty’s monitor has “an important Photoshop document” he’s working on.  It just happens to include three hot chicks in bikinis.  That might explain the Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion that’s hanging out next to our meditation balls.  Or maybe I just have dry skin.  Yeah, that’s it.

You also may notice that the paper on his desk bares the headline “Scratch ‘Harry Baals’ Off List of Names for Government Center”.  Being a Morning Show Producer takes a lot of “research”.

And it isn’t just the desk that looks more like it should be in a preschool playroom.  The infamous KCAL ROCKS PRIZE CABINET has also fallen victim to our rampant immaturity.  It is guarded fiercely by none other than…

RAPHAEL, the angriest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

What you don’t see in the pictures is the mini-bar behind 4orty’s desk, and the NERF shotgun I keep for extra protection behind my desk.  So stop by anytime and say “Hi”.  We might just offer you an internship (ask for Zakk Sabbath).  Or we’ll assault you with ping pong balls, a Ninja Turtle, and a barrage of NERF missiles.  Now I’m off to kick 4orty’s ass in a game of Madden on the XBOX.  Like I said, KCAL Promotions is always LOTS-O-FUN!



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