Talk show host Larry King is saying goodbye tonight, and this time, it’s not directed at a wife.  (Hey, he’s been married eight times.  Don’t act like he didn’t earn that rim shot). The final episode of ‘Larry King Live’ will air tonight on CNN, and it’s given me reason to turn off the Hannah Montana reruns (she’s 18 and she smokes dope now, so it isn’t weird) and take a look back at one of the most prestigious, and sometimes strangest, careers in broadcasting.  Wacky suspenders aside (see below), here’s some of the greatest moments from ‘Larry King Live’:

1.  March 26, 2010 – Larry rocks out to “Gin & Juice” while cruisin’ with Snoop Dogg in a ’67 Pontiac.  Who knew LK was such a PIMP?
2.  June 27, 2007 – Paris Hilton makes a COMPLETE ASS of herself in her first interview after prison, reinforcing every blond stereotype you’ve ever heard.
3. 1994 – Larry broadcasts 3 straight hours during the infamous Low Speed Bronco chase and later plays audio of O.J. on the phone with LAPD during the chase.  And Larry never screamed ‘but YOU’RE the one who KILLED her!!!’  Not even once.  That’s a true professional.
4.  2008 – Janet Jackson attempts to teach Larry how to dance with hilarious consequences, proving the “White Guys Can’t Dance” stereotype is also alive and well.
5.  2009 – Dethroned Miss California Carrie Prejean fails miserably at defending herself and then walks off the set proving ONCE AGAIN that blonds cannot escape Larry King Live without looking like complete airheads.

I’m sure there’s a whole other page full of great moments (ahem, that I may have missed, but honestly, I only watch CNN when I can’t find any cartoons, so just be glad I made it this far.  Anyway, congrats to Larry King for being an unapologetic crusty old marriage killer that set the bar pretty high for today’s aspiring journalists… and for people who wear suspenders, now that you mention it.



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