A new holiday has been spearheaded by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and it could be disastrous to your self-esteem or that of someone you know.  Wednesday, November 17th has been dubbed National Unfriend Day, or “NUD”.  It’s a day dedicated to trimming the fat from your friends list on Facebook or MySpace (does anyone still use MySpace?).  Think of it as an excuse to go on an online homicidal friend-killing spree.

How do you decide who stays and who goes?  Jimmy has some suggestions:

So if you log on and find yourself friendless on November 18th, here’s a few possible reasons why:

• You’re not an incredibly hot chick who takes lots of pictures of herself in the mirror
• You ask people to cure diseases and prove the existence of a greater power by “Liking” things
• You LMFAO at everything unless you’re FMLing =( that day and think ( . )( . ) are boobs

Or maybe you’re just a huge jerk and social networking wasn’t for you.  See you next Wednesday on Facebook, or not?



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