Yesterday at sunset a mystery rocket/missile was seen off the coast of Southern California.  As of 1PM today, the Navy, Coast Guard, F.A.A., Vandenburg A.F.B., and the Pentegon have all made statements claiming they are not responsible for the launch and have no idea what it was or where it was going.  No commercial space launches were scheduled either.

I don’t know about you, but the answer is obvious to me.  The Transformers are coming.  Megatron is clearly pissed off that Megan Fox is not in the next Transformers movie and he is sending a message to the other Decepticons on Cybertron to come down and wreak havoc on the Earth until Micheal Bay agrees to stop screwing up what could be good movies.

Either that, or it was an airplane.

The REAL question:  If it was a missile, where did it GO?

UPDATE: The L.A. Times is now calling it a “possible errant launch”.  Thank you, Captain Obvious.



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