The Annenberg Space For Photography just premiered the new exhibit “Who Shot Rock & Roll – A Photographic History, 1955 To The Present.” This is a fantastic, free event for rock lovers of all ages, as the exhibit covers over half a century of many never-before-seen photographs by an amazing array of photographers. You can catch photos of everyone from Elvis Presley to Metallica, and everything in between. Each photograph comes with detailed information on the photographer and details of the shoot that captured the moment.

One of my favorites has to be the Albert Watson photo of a leopard superimposed over Mick Jagger’s face.

Live concert pictures are strongly featured as well. The exhibit also has a section devoted to some of the greatest album covers and the photographers that were responsible for them. There is also a 35-minute film about the exhibit, with many interviews and a rockin’ soundtrack to go along with the photographs. Expect a short wait, as the gallery can only hold so many people, but the wait is not long at all for this free event that runs through October 7th. The Annenberg Space For Photography is in Century City across the street from the big Westfield Mall.



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