Bruce Springsteen, Born In The U.S.A. – an obvious choice for any top ten patriotic list. A “no-brainer.”

Jimi Hendrix, Star Spangeled Banner (Live at Woodstock) – Hendrix, Woodstock, and epic bending of the strings. Jimi pretty much rewrote this song. Sorry about it, Francis Scott Key.

Don McLean, America Pie – every American has sung along to this song. You have. Admit it!

Ray Charles, America The Beautiful – play this song while watching fireworks for full effect. I promise you will get a lump in your throat.

Whitney Houston, Star Spangeled Banner (Live at Superbowl 25) – quite simply the best live performance of our National Anthem ever, before Whitney fell from grace.

Sammy Hagar, Remember The Heroes – patriotic rock and roll. Pure and simple.

Dixie Chicks, Goodbye Earl – a mid-west version of the American Dream. The video is a personal favorite of Stu’s.

Johnny Paycheck, Take This Job And Shove It – this song epitomized the American worker of the late 70′s, and coined a phrase that is still used today. Who hasn’t wanted to say this at one point in their lives?

James Brown, Living In America – you can’t get more American than JB and Rocky IV. Sequin boxing gloves and shorts optional.

Prince, America – the full, unedited version of this epic tune is 22 minutes long. A red, white and purple monster jam! Turn out the lights, light up your sparklers, and get funky. (96.7 KCAL Rocks is not responsible for any injury caused while “getting down.”)



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