A different tunnelWhile exploring Downtown Los Angeles one day, I had the chance to verify an urban myth that I had heard about for years: the Underground Tunnels beneath L.A. Behind the Hall Of Records is a plain enough looking elevator shaft. Take it down to the first level and you will find yourself at one of several points that connect 11 miles of public tunnels that criss-cross beneath the hot city streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

Over the years they have been used to transport high profile prisoners, move large sums of money, and even as a shelter for the homeless during the El Nino storms of the 90′s. More recently, they have been featured in movies and television commercials.

I didn’t stray too far into the tunnel system – I didn’t want to get lost! Every intersection looks the same. But if you have a little time to kill and are looking for an adventure, check out L.A. from a different perspective – underground!



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