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Greetings from Oregon: old friends M.J. & Grace Matthews

Funny thing about working here at 96-7 KCAL Rocks – we really are a family.テつ That means that we’re kinda like the Hotel California – you can check out, but you can never leave.

If you’ve been hanging with us for a while, you remember M.J. Matthews.テつ He was on the air from 9am to 2pm here for 15 years.テつ He left in 2004 after getting married and having two ridiculously adorable daughters, who he wanted to raise in a small town in Oregon.テつ He never left the KCAL family, however.

Because M.J. was right in the middle of things here on 9/11, we asked him to send us his thoughts about that day.テつ Here’s what he wrote:

Wow, you’re bringing back memories.

I remember waking up andテつwatching the newsテつas the event was unfolding. I kept thinking what movie trailer is this? It looksテつso real!

Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo were on the radio, and Tiffany was talking about it.テつ From that point on it became real and the day was a blur.

I remember being a bit worried about how to handle it on the air but once the mic was on and the phones were ringing it was like a therapy session.

The KCAL familyテつwas amazing! Everyone seemed to have the same concerns and needed to talk.テつ KCAL was a great outlet for everyone.

I rememberテつoneテつguy called in: heテつhad a cousin who lived and worked in the area and wanted some information.テつ I couldn’t help, but other listeners who were able to contact their family in the area called in, and they assured him that the neighborhood he lived in was secure.

It seemed to bringテつhimテつtemporary peace of mind.テつ Later in the day he called back to say his cousin was fine and was thankful.

WhenテつI got off the air, I felt sad but relieved at the sense of communityテつI experienced that day, and I thank KCAL for allowing me to have a much needed therapy session.

Like most everyone, when I got home that night I had “a cold one”.




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