As Americans, here at 96-7 KCAL Rocks, we like to think of this as the day we all celebrate our “other” birthday – this year, the 235th birthday of our country.  Kelli Cluque already published a lot of this stuff, but we want to make sure you have it handy today.

Still looking for a place to go see fireworks tonight?  Here’s a list, though we know of at least one show they missed at Upland High.

There’s also this rather amazing document, signed 235 years ago today, that we’re celebrating.  On days like today, we like to spend at least a little time remembering why we’re celebrating.  After the jump, you can click on the picture of that glorious document and be magically whisked away to a place where you can read the Declaration of Independence for yourself.

And now, the mandatory public service reminder:  First, fireworks are illegal in lots of I.E. cities.  If you live in one of those, do everyone – including yourself – a favor and remember that there’s a good reason for that, and don’t do anything stupid like, say, breaking the law.

Second, if you’re in a place where fireworks are legal and you’re planning on having your own fireworks spectacular, play it smart and don’t do anything stupid like, say, blowing off a finger or starting a fire.  (Oh, and don’t get hammered and drive, either, but you know better than that.)  Common sense is a wonderful thing, dude.

Have a great Fourth.  Never forget how lucky we are to be Americans.



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