I recently celebrated one year smoke-free. I didn’t join a support group or buy patches.

I stopped.

No big countdown, no huge announcement, no fanfare. I just did it. My secret method: I tricked my brain by carrying around a book of matches. Every time I found myself in a situation where I would normally smoke, like after eating or out at the club with my friends, I lit a match.

The motion of striking the match and the smell of it burning faked out my subconcious into thinking I was about to smoke and the craving went away. This approach may not work for everyone, but it did for me.

Other smokers have found their own highly inventive and unusual ways to kick the habit. A woman in New York ate dog biscuits to kill her craving for nicotine. Another lady drank water mixed with baking soda to end her cravings. A licensed psychologist from New Jersey put a patient under hypnosis to stop her smoking habit and ended up hypnotizing herself! She hasn’t smoked in 30 years. Some friends try and quit together by imposing fines on each other if they start smoking again, or by taking the money they would’ve spent on smokes and buying lottery tickets.

All great ideas. And they all worked for these people. The one key ingredient all these methods share is the will to quit.

The greatest method ever invented will be useless unless you truly want to quit. So do yourself – and your friends and family – a favor.


And be here to enjoy the rest of this great new year with us.



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