The final KCAL Kegger of the summer is usually our Boob Camp Kegger, where the final two raw-cruits take the stage to choose a Boob Camp Champion.  One more time, here are the stars of our show: Kristy & Belva.

Kristy & Belva like each other a little more than is natural, by the way.

Belva spent her time hanging out with Jimbo.

Kristy got to get pawed by Tiffany.

While Belva kissed up to 4orty.

Kristy, uh, she was with Stu, and, uh…poor Kristy.

Lucky Doodlebop – he got to hang with the Fresh Peaches girls.

Lucky all of us, actually.

Tiffany spent some quality time with the co-star of our halftime comedy show, Bruce Jingles.  Bruce, Cory & Chad (the Twin Towers of Comedy) and Stoner Robert have been nice enough to entertain you at all of our Keggers this summer – thanks guys!

4orty was lucky enough to spend some time with Rachel, one of our two semifinalists who didn’t make the stage.  Along with Kristy and Suzette, Rachel becomes a favorite for Boob Camp 2011 if she returns.

A brief moment with three of our four semifinalists.

Then, Erica led us to the stage for the Boob Camp final.

But first…a little fun with Creepy.

We’re guessing this is the first time in your life you’ve wanted to be Creepy.

First a game of rock, paper, scissors, which Kristy won.

Then…a choice: pick a melon and seal your fate.

Kristy weighs her options.

Then, the unwrapping.

And finally…that winning moment.

The joy of victory.

Erica savors the fact that Boob Camp is the last thing she needs.

That is one lucky motorcycle.

While Kristy was consoled by her fans…

…Belva celebrated with Tiffany.

Uh, Belva…

…maybe you should just hang with Doodlebop.

Just let Tiffany and Jimbo do whatever it is they do.

Oh, and don’t feed them – they’ll only bite your fingers off.

Belva sends us into the Kegger off-season.  We’ll be showing you pictures of her when Doctor Troy gets done taking her from flat to fluffy.

A final greeting from the stage.

And one last Kegger kiss goodbye from Kristy & Belva.

Photos by Arpi Ssasz.



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