Boob Camp 2010 happens all week in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7 and 8am. After Thursday’s annual run down the Beer Slip ‘n Slide, we’re down to the final four raw-cruits battling it out to score a new rack from Dr. Troy Andreasen at Inland Breast & Body.

Tomorrow is it!  We’ll be in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7am and 8am, as Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo play Twisted Twister.  When Friday’s show is over, we’ll be down to our two finalists, and at Friday night’s final KCAL Kegger of the summer, we’ll bring them on stage and one will be crowned the champion of Boob Camp 2010.

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By the way, before we get to Thursday’s Beer Slip ‘n Slide Fun, here’s a reminder of what Friday’s Twisted Twister game usually looks like.

Raw-cruit Suzette came prepared with a booster section today.  They sure gave us a boost, but did they help Suzette?

4orty led the crew in preparing the Beer Slip ‘n Slide.

Rachel and Esmeralda prepared together.

Tiff prepared by finding an old friend, our former douchebag-in-chief, Sack.

Then Erica showed everyone how it’s done.

We’ll spare you the suspense.  Suzette’s preparation worked best.

In exciting KCAL sports action…

…Suzette won the closest Beer Slip ‘n Slide showdown in history by .07 of a second…

…sliding to a championship finish and a spot on Friday.

Vanquished by Suzette, but moving on to Friday, was Raw-cruit Kristy.

Our six-foot athlete would have won almost any other year.

We feel like we won just watching her.


Belva actually bought a Slip ‘n Slide and practiced for weeks in her backyard.

At the end, the raw-cruits had  to blow Doodlebop’s vuvuzuela.  (In case you’ve been lucky enough to forget, it’s that incredibly irritating horn from the World Cup.)  Luckily, nobody blows like Belva.

Belva blew today and finished third, but she’s through to Friday.

We’ve reached that part of Boob Camp where everyone who’s left has done great, and it sucks to lose anyone.

We were especially sad to say goodbye to Rachael after we noticed that wristband she’s wearing reads “I heart vagina.”

Despite her excellent vuvuzuela blowing skills, Rachel was eliminated.

Our other Rachel, however, completes our four Friday competitors.

You can see the determination on her face, can’t you?

Esmeralda came determined today too.

Unfortunately, two raw-cruits had to go home, and she was one of them.

Meanwhile, Suzette celebrated with her booster section.

Belva, still dripping from the mayonnaise cannon, jumped Doodlebop to celebrate.

We’re not sure what Tiffany was celebrating here.

Let’s see Suzette’s celebration one more time.  (They may not be able to spell out “Go Suzette” in the right order, but they’re welcome here anytime.)

And finally, let’s see what Twisted Twister looks like one more time.

The final four will see you tomorrow.  It’s a sticky mess.  You need to be here.

Photos by Arpi Szasz and Grant Bickham.



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