Boob Camp 2010 happens all week in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7 and 8am. After Tuesday, we’re down to eight raw-cruits battling it out to score a new rack from Dr. Troy Andreasen at Inland Breast & Body.

Boob Camp 2010 is your chance to be the bust you can be!  If you don’t know the drill by now, every day this week, we’ll be in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7am and 8am, as Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo drill our raw-cruits mercilessly in order to find a fitting Boob Camp champion.

The Boob Camp 2010 Monday page is here.
The Boob Camp 2010 warmup page is here.

One piece of business:  Remember Raw-cruit Stephanie?  Forget her.  She pulled a no show, so she’s gone.

Tuesday is always pankkake day at Boob Camp.  This year, our friends at A.J. Barile’s in Yucaipa decided that our raw-cruits needed some (meat)balls in their mouths too.  We agreed.  This was what our Boob Camp artillery looked like.

There’s no way to pick the star of the day – so many raw-cruits stood out.  For example, there was Rachel.

She took her pankkake like a champ.

Apparently, Rachel spits.

And she also licks.

Our six-foot raw-cruit Kristy before…


…and after her encounter with the mayonaisse cannon.

It’s hard to vote against Jessica Rabbit.

She got all three of 4orty’s (meat)balls in her mouth.

Bet you didn’t know 4orty had three (meat)balls.

Jessica celebrates her athletic triumph.

Belva’s motto is if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

The problem with trying again at Boob Camp is that repeat offenders are always given “special” treatment.

Well played, Belva.

Surprise move of the day:  Rachael trying to catch 4orty’s (meat)balls like this.

Raw-cruit Tatiana before the mayonaisse cannon…

…and after.

Esmeralda got into the action.

So did Presley, but unfortunately, someone had to leave us today, and she was the someone.

Things we learned today:  Rachel is a licker.  Jimbo likes liquor.  They’re perfect together!  (Well…except for Jimbo’s wife, three kids, and minivan.)

We also learned that Kristy (1) is a biter and (2) has much better taste than Rachel.

See you tomorrow at 7am for Day 3 of Boob Camp 2010.

Photos by Arpi Szasz.



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