Boob Camp 2010 happens all week in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7 and 8am. Meet the final ten raw-cruits who will do battle to score a new rack from Dr. Troy Andreasen at Inland Breast & Body.

Boob Camp 2010 is your chance to be the bust you can be!  If you don’t know the drill by now, every day this week, we’ll be in the KCAL parking lot in Redlands between 7am and 8am, as Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo drill our raw-cruits mercilessly in order to find a fitting Boob Camp champion.

The Boob Camp 2010 warmup page is here.

This is Erica.  You might recognize her.  For some odd reason, Erica doesn’t need to win Boob Camp.  She does, however, like to play with the Shake Weight, and you better believe we love watching Erica with the Shake Weight.

Jimbo loves to gaze lovingly into Erica’s, uh, eyes.

Meet Stephanie.  She likes to pose…as we’ll show you in a moment.

Kristy is one of Tiffany’s three girl crushes this year.  She our six-foot tall athlete, meaning she’s taller than Tiff.

This is Suzette.  She’s only 5′ 2″, meaning she’s still taller than Jimbo.

Every year, we have a tattoed freak, and this year it’s Rachel.  Our favorite tat is the one just below her waistline…oh sure, it’s hiding the name of an ex-boyfriend.

Here’s another Rachael, but she’s got an extra A in her name to go with her A cups.

Jennelle is the first raw-cruit to score a nickname.  She’s now Jessica Rabbit.

Tatiana has the hot librarian look, and Jimbo wants to check out her book nook.

Joy has the full-on California girl accent.  Jimbo loves accents.

This year’s repeat offender – and there’s always one – is 2008 raw-cruit Belva.  Belva took 2009 off because she knows that repeat offenders always get the most abuse.  And now she’s back…

Esmeralda has Jimbo’s favorite hair this year, and you know how much he likes to pull hair.

And finally, we have Creepy, who will not be winning this year’s Boob Camp.  Creepy has this one weird power, though.

Uh oh.  Here comes Stephanie, who likes to pose, and apparently likes to kiss, which can only mean one thing…

Creepy scores again!  How, we’ll never know.

Photos by Arpi Szasz.



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