Rock & Roll Bingo is always our hugest indoor party of the year, and this year’s edition happens September 23rd in the Yuhaviatam Room at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino. We’re playing nine games of bingo worth $1,000 each, one game worth $10,000, and then we’ll party the night away in The Pines! (More on the afterparty in a few weeks.)

Wanna play?  You need to win your tickets then, don’t you?

Just be caller 10 on the KCAL Hotline at 431-4967 when you hear Jimbo pulling out his bingo balls – you’ll know it when you hear it – and you’ll score a pair of tickets.  Remember, you need to be at least 21 years old to enter San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

There are plenty of Rock & Roll Bingo pictures on the 96-7 KCAL Rocks Facebook page.  Here are our favorites from the last few years.

Meet Ontario’s Freddy Contreras.  In 2009, he left San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino $10,000 richer.

Freddy has lots of friends and family members…all of whom claim they liked him before he won the ten grand.

Here’s Russell Bolen who scored ten large back in the days of low resolution digital cameras.

One more time…this time starring Pauline Garcia.

What happens when short people win big bucks.

Oh look – lots of KCAL Rockers with money.

And even more people with big checks.

Jimbo couldn’t be there last year, so Joshua split one of the $1,000 pots and then auditioned for Jimbo’s job.

Kayla didn’t have to share with anybody, and she auditioned for Jimbo’s job.

We call this a party table.  There are always lots of these at Rock & Roll Bingo.

Oh look – a whole mess of party people.

Some people party a little too much.

It’s always special when the magic number is called.

Men love the magic number.

And women love the magic number.

We love Erica.

4orty loves Stu.

Everyone loves the afterparty.  (And this year, we’ve got a fun little surprise we’ll drop on you in a little bit.)

Kurt Cobain was there last year…and it appears he had several of Stu’s brownies.

We promise…the surprise will not involve Tiffany and a knife.

We repeat…no knives for Tiffany.

The Rock & Roll Bingo contest rules are here.



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