Today, the remains of Private 1st Class Nathan Davis were finally laid to rest at the Yucaipa Christian Church. The procession was concise and dignified, with all the honors befitting a hero of the United States. Thanks to the support of the awesome Inland Empire, his memorial was a celebration of his life and his sacrifice, instead of an insult to his death.

Most of us have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, the detestable group of zealots who picket military funerals to push their ideas. Until today, the Inland Empire hadn’t had to worry about them, relegating their “demonstrations” to the headlines of other cities and states. However, when they threatened to bring their hate speech to Pfc. Davis’ funeral, the IE was ready to act.

From the ground, it looked like more than a few hundred people showed up to honor Davis’ memory and keep the Westboro Baptists Church from ruining the procession. Even our own Tiffany was there, and she hates being around people. Houses and fences were lined with American flags, people came with signs and support. You couldn’t have been prouder of the way the community turned out–they didn’t just come looking for a fight with the WBC, they came for the Davis family. No one lost sight of what this was really about, and who this was really for.

We have to take a moment to thank the Inland Empire for coming out today. Because of your love for Pfc. Davis, the WBC didn’t even show. There wasn’t a single sign of them, and the Davis family got to watch Nathan in peace, cheered on by hundreds of their neighbors.

It’s hard not to get personal now. I’m an Afghan veteran myself. Davis and I both served in the infantry. Thanks for your bravery, Davis. May you forever be at ease and in peace. Hooah, Soldier.

And to any WBC jackholes who punch themselves into Google and happen to find this article, the IE has one more message for you:



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