KCAL Rockers are busy, modern people. Between work, school, family, and – most important – watching football and drinking beer, we don’t always have the time to sit down and read every story in the newsosphere. Sometimes, we’ve just gotta rip whatever information we can straight from the headlines of the business, sports, entertainment, and local pages. That’s why your loving friends at 96-7 KCAL Rocks have taken it upon ourselves to make it nice and easy for you. Plus, we’ve saved you some time by jamming all the big news of the day into a couple easy-to-read “stories”. Some of them might even kinda sorta make sense.  Or not.

Here’s your Daily News Mashup for Tuesday, May 8th:

-Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth broke his wrist just after it broke that pop singer Rihanna may pose nude for “Playboy.”* While most of us can surely understand Werth’s excitement (look at this and tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing), the injury comes just as the Nationals were finally winning. The guy could have at least waited till he got home from work, like the rest of us (hopefully) do.

-Bank of America will forgive up to $150,000 of Terrrell Owens’ mortgage debt. The former class clown of the still-ringless Philadelphia Eagles (40rty’s favorite team), is broke, and running behind in child support payments to three different women. To make matters worse, T.Owes is wallowing in the Indoor Football League. When you can’t even cut it in Canada, it’s time to hang up the cleats. Maybe he can fall back on his college degree in…marketing? Never mind. Stick to football.

-John Travolta is being sued for trying to have phone sex with a 911 operator. The “Battlefield Earth” star called 911 almost 20 times trying to get the local switchboard to talk dirty to him. While a woody can sometimes feel like an emergency, it’s certainly nothing to call 911 over. Not with the Internet so readily available. It appears Travolta got through to a few people, because a second person has stepped forward and decided to sue. Travolta hasn’t seemed this crazy since “Face Off,” and that was with Chief Crazyballs Nicolas Cage at his side.

*Before you go running to your favorite sports blog, no, Jayson Werth did not injure himself while playing Jimbo’s favorite sport, Yank the Crank. He is hurt, though, and even though many of us are Dodger fans, we wish him some sort of speedy recovery.



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