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Hope your fall is off to a great start.テつ Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love coffee.テつ I also have a soft spot for the guys and gals who serve in our armed forces.テつ No matter how we feel about the war(s), I think that we owe a big debt to those who take on the sacrifice to serve our country away from home and loved ones, so imagine how cool it was when I found the Cup of Joe for a Joe (or Jane) program!テつ This is the coolest thing.テつ You can buy a cup of coffee for a soldier serving overseas and send a short letter of encouragment, and get this: they can send an email note back to you!テつ I can’t tell you how cool it is to connect with those serving, especially those who do not receive any letter or care packages from home.テつ If you want to buy a cup of joe for a Joe or Jane, follow this link:



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