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It’s Friday which means we take a look into future news on The Hole News…

-On Sunday:テつ After getting crushed by the Patriots 666 – 0, Tim Tebow will become a Satanist.

-One week from now:テつ In another sudden move, Lamar Odom will be traded to VH1.

-One week from now:テつ Gary Busey will announce that in this year’s presidential election he will be endorsing his lawn mower.

-One week from now:テつ Your family will put aside their differences to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season.テつ Kidding!テつ Vodka and fistfights, y’all!

-Next month:テつ Newt Gingrich will stay on top of the polls . . . the polls that ask people “Which candidate looks like he’s made of marshmallows?”

-Next month:テつ Snoop Dogg will become the single worst contestant in the history of “The Price is Right” . . . when he refuses to stop giggling and bidding “420.”



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