My wife Lovey is a professional flight attendant for American Airlines.  She returned home from a four- or five-day trip at about 9 or 10pm on the night of September 10th, 2001.  The last two legs on her trip were Boston to New York to Los Angeles.

Like most everybody, September 11th started like any other day.  Me, Tiff & Jimbo were all at work, laughing, joking, music, news, traffic, weather etc.  I’ve covered a lot of disasters while on the air in my 36 years at KCAL, but when we got the news from Bruno that an airliner had crashed into one of the Twin Towers, I knew we were in for quite a ride.  As the events developed and the disaster unfolded, we did our best to cover it all with the help of Bruno and especially Tiffany.

After the show, many thoughts raced through my head as I sped home.  I kept thinking to myself, “Boston…New York…L.A…could it be that my wife had missed the worst disaster any of us had ever imagined by a mere 24 hours?  Could it be that she was on the same flight that hit Tower #1 the day before it happened?”

She was.

When I arrived at home, Lovey met me at the door, and I lost it.  All I could say as I wept in her arms was, “It’s just too close.”  All Lovey could say as she held my head was, “It’s alright Stu.  I’m here now.  I’m here now.”

Fast forward four months: it’s Super Bowl Sunday 2002.  We’re all in the middle of the Caribbean on Tiffany’s honeymoon cruise, watching the game, drinking, dancing, gambling.  What a great time.

As the halftime show started, you may remember the 9/11 tribute began with the scrolling of the names of those who lost their lives to the music of U2′s “Where The Streets Have No Name”.  The names of the American Airlines flight crews were listed first.

It was at that moment that my wife lost it.  All she could say as she wept in my arms was, “Stu, those were my coworkers, my coworkers.”  All I could say to her as I held her head and fought back the tears was, “It’s okay Lovey.  We’re all here now.  We’re all here now.”



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