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In case you’ve missed it, here’s one of the funniest pictures you’ll see this week.テつ The dude on the left is Oregon’s All-American tailback LaMichael James riding Space Mountain before playing in the Rose Bowl.テつテつ On the right, by the way, is the I.E.’s own Kenjon Barner, who was clearly having a much better time in the Magic Kingdom.

Here’s the one thing more amazing than that picture.テつテつ Mr. James is one of the toughest motherscratchers you’ll ever see on a football field.テつ How tough?テつ Watch the video below – warning: extremely unpleasant content – and know that dude popped his elbow back into place on his own.テつ He missed exactly two weeks after turning his wing into a cat o’ one tail.

A couple weeks ago, Jimbo copped to the fact that he cries every time he watches the first part of Finding Nemo.テつ If you were wondering what makes a dude who all but laughs at his arm nearly turning into a maraca cry, you just found out.



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