While it certainly doesn’t suck to be LeBron, we’re guessing you didn’t go to work on Christmas and get heckled by a confrontational Santa.  We had no idea that, after bringing joy to the world’s good girls and boys, the jolly old elf likes to drop the sleigh at the American Airlines Center and get his drink on at a Mavs game for a little r&r.  Can’t you just picture the conversation at the Dallas concession stand?

“Okay, Beertender.  Gimme tee martoonis…and…and…a G&T.  Whaddya mean I gotta drink out of a plastic cup?  What kinda joint is this – Stu’s house?  My beard?  I tink I lost it when I made that delivery at the agave factory in Jalisco.  C’mon bro…didja think that suckers real?  Hurry up.  I don’t wanna miss Bosh blowing another layup.”



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