Big ups to the entire UC Irvine Athletic Department, who managed to pull off the amazing feat of eclipsing every other gawdawful college music video ever made while pulling Kobe Bryant into their vortex of suck.

Words do not begin to describe the horror of the trainwreck above.  We do, however, commend the woman on the basketball team, who tried her best to hide behind the Anteater statute throughout her team’s appearance and the entire women’s golf team, who made it clear they were being held at figurative gunpoint during the filming of this monstrosity.

As for UCI, you folks might want to just turn out the lights on the whole athletic program after this whatever-it-is, starting with the baseball and water polo teams.  Look what you had to “overcome” to make this the worst college music video ever.

There’s Appalachian State University, the previous champion and still record holder’s in the Worst Original Song + Video category.

The nice folks at Georgia took one of the worst songs of the last ten years and managed to make it incredibly worse, making an SEC football coach look like a buffoon in the process.

Meanwhile, a quick memo to the Mamba: Cool out, brah!  The dudes in videos don’t just embarrass themselves.  They usually just miss out on the brass ring, and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you…

We out.  Let’s kick it old school.



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