Big ups to the U!  The Miami Hurricanes have apparently thrashed the lesser lights at The Ohio State University & U$C, blowing up with a college football scandal of epic proportions.

As the old saying goes, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.  And, well, the ‘Canes have (allegedly) been trying really, really hard for the last decade!  Where to start?  Where to start?

Howzabout with the ringleader who paid for the whole dealybob?  His name is Nevin Shapiro, and he’s currently doing 20 years after pleading guilty to running an $880 million ponzi scheme.  Bro – way to aim high, though Bernie Madoff laughs at your puny efforts!

Ol’ Nevin decided to drop dime to Yahoo! Investigations, the same people who popped Cheaty McSweatervest, sending tOSU into NCAA purgatory.

Anyway, if you’ve got some time to kill, here’s Yahoo!’s absolutely stunning piece on ‘Canes Gone Wild.  Don’t feel like reading the whole thing?  Here are some highlights that might even tempt you to savor the whole  – again, alleged – Scandal Surprise:

**Cashmoney, including bounties placed on opposing players.

**Hookers!  More than three dozen players and potential recruits got hooker hookups.

**Bling!  (Bet you’re shocked by that.)

**Parties on his $1.6 million yacht, some featuring women of questionable moral standing.  (And you thought Jimbo’s Vikings were the original purveyors of the Love Boat.)

**Night club trips, including – again, shock! – strip clubs.

**In a particularly icky moment, an abortion.  If you want the unpleasant details, here’s the link to read the whole thing.

Naturally, Nevin says that a handful of assistant coaches – including basketball coaches – knew about this stuff.  (The U has a basketball program?  Who knew???)

If that’s true – and if his accusations are true – this is going to make the Buckeye and Trojan scandals look like Shaq’s new girlfriend compared to, uh, Shaq.  (Hit the link – it’s heelarious.)

Remember, of course, we’re talking about a confessed felon who’s doing 20 years for scamming people out of just short of a billion bucks.  On the other hand, the Yahoo! folks don’t do this crap lightly, and if you go check out the whole story, you’ll see pictures and evidence to your heart’s content.

Assuming even half of this stuff is for reals, the ‘Canes may not have to worry about beating Ohio State on the field when they meet on September 17.  They may need to worry a lot more about whether they get beat worse than the Bucks in the NCAA’s woodshed after the season is over.



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