Not that it’s exactly a surprise, but us sports fans are now being treated to a doubleshot of lockouts.  With the NBA having joined the NFL in Laborstrifeland at midnight, instead of getting amped up for the new seasons, we get to watch two simultaneous episodes of Billionaires vs. Millionaires.

Who do you think will win?  Do you really care?  Us neither.

And now…to hop on the itsovernoitisnt rollercoaster!  Over the last couple weeks, there’s been increasing noise that the NFL lockout may be done soon. Today, the WWL says “optimism is waning” for an agreement.  Like we said, enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

How ugly is the NBA lockout right now?  Well, go click on the Lakers website.  You won’t see any player information.  You’ll see a lovely story about their new assistant coach, John Kuester.  Click on the roster or stats pages, and you’ll see players names and basic stats.  Pictures?  Well, there are shots of assistant coaches and, of course, the Laker Girls.  (Okay, so it’s not all bad.)

Here are the important dates to remember:

For the NFL, the regular season starts on September 8th.  (The first exhibition game is a month before that, but like we care.)  Since it takes players a month or so to get ready for the season, that would require camps to open in about five weeks.  However, you also need at least a couple weeks for signing free agents and draft choices – who desperately need to get to camp – making the date before you start worrying about missing games about three weeks from now, around July 22.

The NBA regular season starts around Halloween.  Again, you need about a month to get ready.  Unlike the NFL, signing draft picks was easy under the old labor agreement, and no one expects that to change.  However, free agency is a bit messier in the NBA, what with mid-level exceptions, complicated sign-and-trade deals, etc.  Two weeks is pushing, but using that two-week guideline, you’d start worrying about missing games around September 19.

In other words, no one’s going to be in a rush to resolve the NBA lockout anytime soon.  The NFL, on the other hand, is quickly moving to code blue status, so you figure we’ll see lots of posturing in the next couple weeks, followed either by a quick resolution (our current bet) or total ugliness.

For now, maybe we should start getting fired up for the upcoming hockey season.  We’re not so sure, however, that we like the Mike Richards trade.  Look, we love the idea of seeing Richards with a crown on his sweater, and while we’ll miss Wayne Simmonds, we get it.  Giving up Brayden Schenn, however, makes us really, really nervous.  (Score!  We knew we’d find an excuse to work hockey in here one day!!!)

Oh, and howzabout that Women’s World Cup, er, them Dodgers and Angels?



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