Brother, can you spare a dime roughly $150 million to fill up this wallet?

We’re shocked!  Shocked, we tell you!!!  Canya believe that Frank actually went to McCourt – in Delaware, no less – to put the Dodgers in bankruptcy today?  Wanna see the whole document?  It’s right here, y’all.

Here’s the “fun” part: reading the list of Dodger creditors, which includes Manny (again – shocking!), Andruw Jones, Kaz Ishii (Remember him?), Juan Pierrewood, Marquis Grissom (Two seasons in blue nine years ago, and they owe him too?), and…Vin Scully!

Frank’s way out, as you probably know by now, is to mortgage the team’s future sign a long-term deal with Fox, pulling out a huge chunk of change up front (like $173 million worth of change) to finance more of his personal nonsense.  Good news: Fox, apparently, isn’t down with the bankruptcy deal.

Big picture: you’ve no doubt heard that the Major League Baseball Constitution apparently allows the Commish to take control of a team that files for bankruptcy.  What the United States Constitution – and the bankruptcy laws passed under it – say isn’t quite that clear, which is why Frank went to court.  (Remember High School Civics?  The U.S. Constitution, and laws made under it, are “the supreme law of the land.”)

If there’s anybody who oughta have an idea about this stuff, it’s the Wall Street Journal, so here’s their first take.  Or, for a different übercapitalist view, here’s what Forbes thinks.

What do we think?  We don’t.  We just want.  We want Frank to take a long walk off a short pier.  Or he could go play a game of Hide & Go F Yourself.  (NSFW, but you shoulda figured that out.)  Whatever he wants, actually…as long as what he wants is to no longer own the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You can stick your own way for Frank to get out of Dodge(r) City already in the Comments section if’n you wanna, but the important thing is   It really doesn’t matter how Frank goes about it as long as he, uh, goes away (okay – so that one’s also NSFW) already.

Meanwhile…calling Mark Cuban!  Come save the Dodgers, oh greatest owner ever in the history of sports not named Buss or O’Malley.*



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