Frank and Jamie McCourt – baseball’s toxic twins – have tentatively settled their personal War Of The Roses.  If you wanna read the whole thing, here’s a link to the WWL’s story.

The bottom line is this: if Bud Selig doesn’t approve the Fox TV contract with the Dodgers – the one that gives Frank McCourt a big upfront payout that he can use to bankrupt the team’s future pay the bills,the settlement is toast, and Major League Baseball would probably seize the team completely and sell it.

If The Commish approves the Fox deal, then there will be a one-day trial to determine whether the Dodgers are Frank’s property or Frank’s & Jamie’s community property.  If Frank loses that one, he probably has to sell the team to pay off Jamie.

If Frank wins on both fronts, Dodger Nation loses, as he likely continues to ruin own the team.

If Jamie wins that one, Frank will probably have to sell the team in order to settle with her.



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