Now that America’s Team (for the last two weeks anyway) has vanquished that choker who took his talents (for tanking in the biggest games) to South Beach, let The Aftermath begin.  It’s time to harsh on ‘Bron!!!  For the next few weeks, everybody’s going to be doing it!

Just one thing.  If you can’t stand the Heat, you might want to get out of the NBA kitchen before next season begins…whenever that is.  In case you missed it, there was absolutely no way The Heatles ever should have gotten this far this fast.  Better for the 4ortys of the world, their roster should only get better from here.

Said differently: The Big Three just came within two wins of the Larry O’Brien Trophy with exactly two teammates who had any business playing in the NBA Finals: Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller, and one (Miller) was playing with a shredded shoulder.  Worse for them, Haslem pretty much duplicates what Bosh brings to the table (with less offense and more toughness).

What do you think happens when Riles has an offseason to add a couple more useful parts?  How much better do you think they’ll be when there’s a real player in the middle instead of Joel Anthony, Erick Dampier, or Zydrunas Ilgauskas?  Think they’ll be a lot more dangerous with someone at the point besides Mario Chalmers and the massively overrated Mike Bibby, who assumes that guy wearing number 3 is really named Wyane Wae because he just doesn’t do D?

Consider this: on their run to the Finals, the Heat capped a Celtics team with their own Big Three, an All-Star point guard, and a real bench.  (By the way, congratulations Danny Ainge!  With Kendrick Perkins, you guys win the title in a walk.  Nice trade, .220 hitter.)  Then, they dusted the Bulls, the team with the best record in the league, which has the reigning MVP at the point and comes at you in waves in the frontcourt.

They wrecked both teams in five – count ‘em, five – games.  Again, that’s a Heat team with five real ballers trashing two extremely talented and far deeper teams in five games before running out of gas against Dallas.

What happens if, say, Jamal Crawford, who just made $56 mil over seven years, is willing to play the point for the mid-level salary cap exception?  Adding a less limited big man like Samuel Dalembert in the middle makes the Heat immensely better.  Scarier thought: If the Clippers decide not to give up on Chris Kaman, who has one year at $10 mil on his deal, DeAndre Jordan is on the market.

Here’s the point: LeBron’s a choker?  Wade couldn’t get it done this time?  Bosh is Bosh?  Uh huh.  And Michael Jordan didn’t win his first ring until he had the right coach and supporting cast.  Before that, he was the guy who played with the incredibly soft Scottie Pippen and couldn’t beat the Pistons three years in a row.  He got his first ring when he was 27.

Guess how old LeBron is next year.

Now, let’s hope there is a next year where the NBA is concerned.



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