Happy days are here again totally gone for our darling Tiffany’s beloved The Ohio State University.  In case you were under a sports rock this weekend, the Jim Tressel era came to its inevitable crash and burn finale yesterday when the man lovingly known as Cheaty McSweatervest to his unfans stepped down under the kind of pressure that only arises when a bunch of your star players break NCAA rules and you cover it up, lying to your bosses and the NCAA along the way.

We won’t bother you with the whole recap of the fuss in Columbus, not when you can pick up this weeks Sports Illustrated and read the whole thing for yourself.  Things are, however, getting worse in Buckeyeland, with a full investigation of prize recruit/semi-star quarterback Terrelle Pryor now underway.

Not all is lost for the man known as The Senator.  It occurs to us that if he ever really wanted to run for office, he’s now shown the world he has the corruption chops necessary to fit in in Washington.  <#insert link to corrupt dude from your least favorite political party here>

Hmm…remind you of any local sports figures who used to be called The Senator?  Us neither.

Meanwhile, we’re guessing Tiff may not want to show her tOSU pride like this anytime soon.



May 31, 2011 at 10:16 am | Football, KCAL Crew, Sports | 3 comments