Surely you’ve enjoyed this NSFW video that Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo introduced to us on Tuesday.  (And if not, you really need to – just don’t do it at work.)  Assuming you’ve seen it you know two things: (1) honey badger don’t give a <bad word beginning with an s that we have to beep out on the radio> and (2) honey badger takes what he wants.

Kinda makes you wonder, don’t it?  Are your Los Angeles Lakers really honey badgers?  After all, they usually take what they want, and they clearly don’t give a <four-letter word we can’t say here either>.  Just one problem…

Why didn’t the Lakers want to take either of the first two games of their playoff series with Dallas?

Which game made you sicker?  The one where they took a 16-point lead and then gave it back, got back in front, then fell apart at the buzzer?  The one they were never really in after halftime?  Howzabout the one they’ll play without Ron Ron tonight?

Now that the 16-Time World Champions have fallen and might or might not be able to get up, don’t drop all the blame at Pau’s feet.  Has he been stellar?  No, but who has?  Does he have 28 points and 21 rebounds in two games?  Yep.

Don’t blame Kobe, who has all of five boards and three assists in two games (to go along with 59 points, of course), and might or might not be a lot more hurt than we originally thought.

Don’t blame the other three starters who combined for all of 18 points and 9 boards in Game One.  Don’t blame Steve Blake and Shannon Brown, who have combined for four points off the bench.  You know who you blame?


Everybody either isn’t taking what he wants, or just doesn’t give a <bad word that we would get spanked for if we used it here>.  Everybody isn’t moving his feet on defense.  Everybody isn’t executing the offense.  Everybody is settling for bad shots, or in the case of Blake, freaking out whenever he gets an open shot.

Everybody has trust issues, according to ‘Drew Bynum – and the scary thought is that he’s turned into the most grown-up dude in Forum Blue & Gold this postseason.

Didja catch Magic Johnson’s act on Twitter?  It goes a little something like this:

The Mavs have the Lakers pointing fingers at one another. It’s going to be a tough climb to come back and I think their chances are slim.

Thanks for the support, Buck.  So…can the Lakers win this thing?


A little freaking truckload of passion (and defense) for the next week, and they’ll lay waste to the Mavs they way they should have in the first two games.

Will the Lakers win this thing?

Only the honey badger knows, and he’s not telling.



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