Here’s your chance to your chance to hang with Jimbo (and 4orty – like you care) and feel like a Los Angeles Laker.  Y’see, we’re having a little get-together to watch the NFL Draft from 5-7pm at Johnny’s Tacos in Redlands.  (Hit the link for a map.)

While we’re there, we’ll chill out with a tall cold one or three.  Meanwhile, the Lakers will (we presume) be chilling out in New Orleans, where they may or may not feel compelled to impose their will on the Hornets and avoid a Game Seven in their first-round playoff series.

In addition to getting the answer to our “Will the Lakers care enough to avoid getting punk’d (Zenmaster’s words, not ours) tonight?” question, we’ll also find out answers to these conundrums:

Will the Carolina Panthers, one year removed from drafting two quarterbacks (three if you count Armanti Edwards) and declaring Jimmy Clausen their QB of the future , make Cam Newton the #1 pick this year, or will they wake up and fill a huge gap in their d-line with Marcell Dareus?

Is Kobe’s ankle, foot, or whatever-he-tweaked okay?  Really?

If the Panthers don’t take Newton, does Blaine Gabbert pass him the way everybody had it figured until a couple days ago?  Avoiding asking how Gabbert jumped up this far (hint: combine…measurables…no Andrew Luck), the question is which QB-desperate team grabs him.  Keep in mind, everybody picking at numbers 3-8 is QB-desperate except for Cleveland, which is just desperate to have Colt McCoy develop faster.

Has anyone noticed that the toughest motherscratcher in Forum Blue & Gold not wearing #24 is one ‘Drew Bynum?  Has anyone who was running down CP3′s game not so long ago (mild example here, whinier example here) decided to step up and dine on a crow buffet?

How did Da’Quan Bowers fall to around #20 in so many mock drafts like this one from CBS?  That, amigo, is Madness.

How did Pau Gasol all but fall off the radar in this series against a tiny tiny team.  They’re called rebounds, Pau.  Get them.  In bunches.

Might somebody be foolish enough to play a drinking game where you take a sip/shot/whatever every time somebody utters the words “rush end”?  Lessee…there’s Bowers, Robert Quinn, J.J. Watt, Aldon Smith, Cameron Jordan, Muhammad Wilkerson, Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Clayborn, Brooks Reed, and Cameron Heyward, not to mention uber DTs Dareus, Nick Fairley, Corey Liuget, and QB-eating linebackers Von Miller and Akeem Ayers.

Might somebody in Laker gear – Kobe?  Ron Ron?  Matt Barnes? – be so kind as to lock down on Trevor Ariza who shot 30% from three during the regular season and Marco Freaking Belinelli, who should never beat anybody in anything.  Ever.

And finally…does Frank McCourt still own the Dodgers?  Okay, so we already know the answer to that one.  We just wanted an excuse to link to a picture of a clown.

Anyway, join us today from 5-7pm at Johnny’s and chill out.  We know the Lakers will be relaxing where they are.



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