Ding dong!  The ding dong damaging the Dodgers is (almost) dead!!!!! By the way, how great is it to see this story on the Dodgers’ own website?  How to celebrate?  Hmm…we could have a Rosie Red Dance Party!  (Watch the video – it’s the lamest two minutes of TV ever.)

We’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz, so let’s join together in a rousing rendition of The Witch Is Dead.

Perhaps you should enjoy sippin’ on gin and juice (with your mind on Frank’s money and Frank’s money on your mind).

If this was the Cubs, we bet Ferris Bueller would have celebrated like this.

Did you know Frank McCourt was in Spinal Tap?  Check him out singing “his” song.

Well, however each of us chooses to celebrate, let’s hope we’re really kissing him goodbye.



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